Hello, Prime Material Plane

Some of you may wonder what this blog is doing here. I’ve been wondering that myself lately, and I guess today is the day I find out.

But first, let me tell you what I know about me so this all makes a little more sense. This space is my foray as a fledgling culture writing.

I have always had an affinity for writing, and over the years I have amassed a modest portfolio on a variety of subjects. That being said, I have had all kinds of ruminations on culture that I’ve wanted to share, but found myself lacking the initiative or platform to adequately express them until now. This space is designed as the mechanism for developing my portfolio, and my voice, on culture stories.

But what exactly makes me the kind of source on culture that anyone would spend their time consulting? Well, the contributions I’m currently making to the tabletop RPG community might be. Quite by accident, I took on the co-authorship of an RPG project, a role which morphed imperceptibly (but, as it turned out, inexorably) out of simply enjoying RPGs as a player and neophyte game master. Our project is still in the design stage of publication, so we’re not ready to go public with it just yet, but I will reveal more the moment that we are.

So considering the unexpected direction that this project has led me in, I also envision this corner of the web as a way for me to further contribute to the RPG community. My offerings will consist, at least initially, largely of essays--they’re a format I have always felt fluent in, for whatever reason. From there, though, I aim to produce RPG accouterments like game aids, random and lookup tables, rulings, and maybe even modules.

So if it seems like (once it has content) this blog has two focuses, that’s because it does. For the sake of organization, the Scribe subdomain will serve as the primary repository for all things predominantly RPG-related, while the landing page, Hexarcana proper, will host more broad-appeal culture pieces (at least within the bounds of the geek culture sphere and immediate surrounds). I look forward to seeing what comes of it, and I hope you’ll stick around long enough for that to be something worth giving back to the geek culture that’s done so much for me.


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