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Caught in the Net: Never Fade Away

The next logical engagement on our campaign through Samurai’s music is “Never Fade Away,” Johnny Silverhand’s love song-turned-immortalization of his better half, Alt Cunningham. After all, it’s his flaming passion for Alt, and his equally fiery hatred for the soulless suits that got between them, that made Johnny an enemy of Arasaka in the first place. As you’ll see, in this particular case, it’s hard for even a legendary lyricist like Johnny to immortalize Alt more than the Net already had. In fact, you could say that Alt can never really leave the Net, even if she wanted to. We lost everything We had to pay the price Yeah we lost everything We had to pay the price Wasting no time, Johnny quotes the high price he and Alt paid for getting mixed up with each other, and for corporations insisting on being the third wheel. And boy was it high. Let’s break down the bill, here. Alt took the hardest hit, that’s for sure. Arasaka started out

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